The ideal service for specific needs that require a tailor-made workspace, private and with the maximum flexibility possible.

And how do we do it? We follow the same procedure that we use in the implementation of each of our own offices, but in this case we focus on your project and needs, through 5 simple steps:

1/ Analysis of requirements

You will discover the profile and typology of your future office through a deep analysis of your own needs (financial, logistical, human resources).

2/ Proposals of spaces

We will look for suitable locations to implement the defined office type. You will select the most appropriate space for your future office.

3/ Value propositions

According to the selected space you will choose among our proposals the office configuration that best suits your needs.

4/ Implementation

You have already decided the level of finishes and look & feel? Let’s get to work. We take care of everything. You just wait and the final product will be your office, ready to enter.
Our team, with more than 15 years of experience in providing productive spaces and offices in Barcelona to all types of companies, will help you find the solution that best suits you.

5/ To work

You can now enjoy your office with all the services tailor-made to your needs, neither more nor less Pay just for what you need at each moment, in a flexible and easy way!

And remember

The size of your project or company doesn’t matter, nor the special needs you may have. Contact us and discover the new formula to find and use flexible tailor-made workspaces. We will advise you without any compromise.

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